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On peut lire l'état d'esprit de Gruss dans le cour résumé de son livre "sectes et occultisme" [1]: "This book is an evangelical Christian critique of selected cults or occult groups and movements. The book ends with a chapter on the New Age movement and a final chapter on "the Christian in an age of confusion."

Some readers are likely to disagree with the author's choice of organizations considered to be cults, such as Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, Seventh Day Adventists, Unity, and Baha'i. Gruss states, "There are two spiritual forces (powers) in the universe," one “led by God," the other by "Satan" (p. 8). One of Satan's "most effective tools" is false doctrine. Gruss concludes his introductory chapter with "it is now time that the cults were confronted as never before by the evangelical church" (p. 9).

Throughout the remainder of the book Gruss proceeds to do battle with what he sees as satanic evil in more than a dozen cults. Each chapter on a specific organization ends with selected references from the New Testament, notes on sources used throughout the chapter, a selected bibliography, and organizations with ministries and materials opposing the organization described in the chapter. "

Même si ses livres sont tout à fait acceptables comme sources ici (après tout nous sommes une encyclopédie "critique", on se fout d'être totalement neutres), il ne faut pas cacher l'appartenance de ce monsieur, au phénomène "antisecte chrétien" américain.--Tjrecherches 27 août 2012 à 16:27 (CEST)