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JEHOVAH made man a free agent, holding him responsible for his intelligent acts. Jehovah never prevents man from expressing his mind. Intolerance does not at all apply to Jehovah and those Who faithfully obey him. Satan the enemy has at all times held men in darkness and attempted to compel them to believe and practice what seliish men have taught them. Satan the Devil is the author and promoter of all intolerance. Whenever you iind men or organizations trying to prevent others from hearing the truth, then you may be certain that such men or organizations are the servants of the Devil, regardless of what claims are made for them. · The Catholic hierarchy has been and is the most intolerant organization on earth. Falsely claiming that the pope is the one endowed with authority to interpret the Scriptures the Catholic hierarchy has kept theïpeople in ignorance of the Bible and influenced them not to read it, and induced them to believe only what the Catholic hierarchy has taught. The result is that millions of good, honest people who desire to now the truth of the Scriptures have not had the opportunity to learn it. When anyone tells the truth to the people of and concerning the Bible the Catholic clergy cry out against such faithful witnesses of the Lord and say, "Intolerant bigot," like the robber who, desiring to divert attention from his own wrongful acts, cries out, “Stop, thief !" · The front cover of this booklet is an illustration of cruel intolerance and persecution carried on by the Catholic hierarchy and their allies against Jehovah’s witnesses. What follows in these pages explains why intolerancei is practiced at the present time. The lectures appearing herein were broadcast by radio and by hundreds of transcription machines, and are now prepared in printed form for those who desire more knowledge. The truth is of most vital importance to everyone. No organization should be permitted to stand in your way of getting the truth. Let no one deprive you of your individual privilege to learn of Jehovah and his gracious provision for your blessing. Study carefully the treatise herein. Get knowledge and understanding and learn the Lord’s way and rejoice.


To ENABLE the readers to have a better appreciation of the speech of Judge Rutherford which follows, a brief explanation of the circumstances surrounding at the time of its delivery is here made. This introduction is made by A. K. Wagner.

On a certain Sunday in June, 1933, upwardof fifty Christian men and women, were arrested in Plainfield, N. J., and crowded into hot cells and kept there overnight without trial. TheseChristians were calling at the homes of the people and telling them about God’s kingdom for which Jesus taught all of his followers to pray;and this was the offense for which they were arrested. This good news angered the servants of Satan, the Catholic clergy of that community,who induced law officers to cause the arrest of these good people. In the absence of necessary accommodations these men and women were compelled to stand up all night, and next day were taken into court, where a farce trial was had by a highly prejudiced judge. Having no evidence against these Christians the judge of the court wrongfully compelled them to answer questions, the answers of which he construed against them, and refused to permit them to give testimony in their own behalf. Then this unrighteous judge committed them all to jail,for a term of ten days. The treatment of these Christians was so outrageous that it shocked the sensibilities of honest people who heard about it. At the time Judge Rutherford was in Europe, and, being informed of the persecution of these Christian people, he immediately cabled to engage a theater building and certain radio stations to be used to convey his speech, which he would deliver to the public, on the subject “WHY IS RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE »PRACTICED IN THIS COUNTRY TODAY‘?".

The chief of police, a Roman Catholic, tried to prevent this meeting from being held. On the day before the speech was to be delivered,a number of Christian men and women were distributing small handbills announcing the time and place of the meeting. This they had a per-feet right to do, as there is no ordinance in Plainfield, and no other law, that prohibits such distribution; besides, it was done for the people who might wish to come. Without any lawful right or excuse the distributors of these hand-bills were arrested by police officers and thrown into jail. Shortly thereafter police officers near the jail were heard discussing the matter of the distribution of these announcements that Judge Rutherford would speak next day at the Strand Theater, and one was heard to say to another: "He will be here tomorrow, and he will get what is coming to him."

For many centuries the Catholic hierarchy has operated the most cruel, Wicked and defamatory organization that has ever been on the earth. They employ coercion and the gag, and any other unlawful means necessary to accomplish their cruel purposes. When they want someone killed they make the killer believe that the priests can fully absolve him from all wrong and clear him from all punishment, either here or hereafter. l

Two hours before the time for this meeting to begin armed policemen began to arrive at the theater. No one had invited them to come and no request had been made for any police protection, and none was needed, because it was a peaceable assembly for the discussion of a Bible matter, which the Constitution of the United States guarantees shall be held without interruption. Manifestly at the instance of cruel religionists these law officers were there, more than sixty in number, armed with heavy revolvers, sawed-off shot guns, riot guns and other instruments of destruction. Just before the beginning of the lecture police officers made an effort to provoke Judge Rutherford to a controversy, with the manifest purpose of finding some excuse to prevent the meeting. But in this they had no success. When Judge Rutherford stepped to the front of the platform to speak he Was literally surrounded by armed men, as though he were a desperate criminal.

With guns to the back of him and in front of him and on every side he delivered the speech, which now you are about to read. The judge of the court who had conducted the farce trial, and who at the time had indulged in cruel and improper speech toward the defendants, and who had defamed the name of Jehovah by his public declarations, sat immediately in front of the speaker and was compelled to listen, together with other officers who were doing the bidding of the Roman hierarchy. Of course, the representatives of the Catholic hierarchy would not know what God has promised, as stated in Psalm 34: 7: "The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them." The speaker proceeded to fearlessly and plainly point out to the audience that packed the theater, and to the far greater unseen audience by radio, why the Catholic hierarchy, which claims to represent God, constantly indulges in the persecution of Jehovah’s witnesses. With keen interest yoirwill now read Judge Rutherford’s speech.

INTOLERANCE - Religious Intolerance: Why

THIS SPEECH is not made for the purpose of holding up to ridicule or denouncing men for their misconduct and wickedness even though there are those in this community and in this auditorium who justly deserve much castigation. Jehovah God will inflict punishment on them in his due time. My work is that of one of his witnesses to tell the facts. We have reached the time of greatest crisis in the history of man, and it is of vital importance that everyone know the facts and the reason for the existence of the same.

This speech is not made for the unfaithful clergy, nor for their blind dupes who attempt to hide behind the law and shield themselves in the performance of their wrongful acts. It is made for the benefit of the people who desire righteousness and fair dealing and who are anxious to follow out that course. Men claiming to be law—abiding citizens of New Jersey have tried to prevent the holding of this meeting and to thereby prevent you from hearing the truth. Even the chief of police of this city has asked the owner of this¤theater to cancel his contract or the use thereof on this occasion, and that after the full rental price had been paid. The owner preferred to honorably stand by his contract rather than to yield to sinister influence. I ask you to calmly and dispassionately follow my speech to the end, and I hope that you may receive benefit therefrom.

It is necessary for me to briefly refer to certain events that have recently come to pass in this vicinity. A few weeks ago in the city of Plainfîeld more than fifty good citizens, and known to the officials to be harmless, were arrested without warrant or cause and thrown into prison. Twenty-nine of these prisoners were good, honest and faithful women. At the time the weather was exceedingly hot, and yet these twenty-nine women were crowded into three small cells, each made for one person, and most of them compelled to stand up all night. The next morning they were fingerprinted as ` though they were desperate criminals. In gross violation of the fundamental law of the land, and in utter disregard of the rights of other persons, those arrested were then brought before the so-called “court", unlawfully compelled to testify against themselves, prevented from making their own defense, and were summarily convicted in the absence of law or evidence and immediately incarcerated in prison. Their only an offense was that of going frqm house _to house on Sunday and preaching the gospel of God’s kingdom, for the aid and comfort of the people. A more complete statement of the facts and proceedings of that mock trial is set forth in the Golden Age magazine under date of July 19, 1933, a copy of which magazine you may have only for the asking.

I quote the words of the magistrate before whom this farce trial was had in which he referred to the ordinance which he claims had been broken, to wit: “That law is made to protect your and my family from impostors who go around and rob men." The magistrate knew that all the defendants were Christian men and women and that they could not properly be classed as ‘impost0rs and robbers’; and in proof of this I quote further his words from the record, to wit: "I think your intentions are all right and that you are good Christian people." If he was sincere in this latter statement his other words and conduct in connection with the case were wholly out of order. It is manifest that there was exercised by priests and clergymen some cruel and malicious influence which caused these inoffensive, innocent and— devout Christian people, without just cause or excuse, to be incarcerated in prison.

Many good citizens of this land are asking why such outrageous things are possible in this country, where the fundamental law of the land provides that every person shall worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience.

In this time of greatest stress and suffering of the people these good Christian men and women, who earn their bread by daily labor, employ their days of rest, and particularly Sundays, in going from house to house to comfort and encourage the people and to point out to them that the hope of relief and blessing for mankind rests entirely upon J ehovah God’s kingdom. The real persecutors of these humble men and women are known to be prominent leaders in the religious world. The people are entitled to know why this religious intolerance is practiced in this day of enlightenment, and I shall submit to you the conclusive answer to that question.

The Bible, or Holy Scriptures, contains Jehovah God’s Word of truth. The clergy are compelled to admit that. Court offîcials lay their hand upon the Bible and solemnly swear by it to tell the truth. All such are therefore precluded from gainsaying the Bible as true, and they tacitly admit that they must be bound by the teachings of the Bible. By the Bible, and it alone, I shall answer the question why religious intolerance is practiced now in this country.

The Creator of heaven and earth is the Almighty God, whose name alone is Jehovah. The name Jehovah means "the Eternal One” and his purposes toward his creatures. There is a mimic god who opposes Jehovah God and who is man’s worst enemy, and the name of·that mimic god is Satan the Devil. He is otherwise known `

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